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The Sex Addict

I recently got a message from the official instagram of The Sex Addict Movie asking to watch their movie and while I didn't have high hopes, I was pleasantly surprised. An indie comedy about Suzanne (Valerie Tosi), a PhD student who's doing her dissertation on sex addiction. Made in a mockumentary style she interviews sex addict Rex (Amir Mo).

As far as mockumentaries, it may not be What We Do In The Shadows or Best in Show but it is very funny and lands more jokes then misses. As you can tell by the title and the plot, the jokes are vulgar, similar to Ted or The Hangover. My favorite scene is when Rex is pitching his drink Seduce Juice and how he would like to go on Shark Tank but he doesn’t think it would sell it in the states since they don't encou rage rape.

Theodore the intern was only in a few scenes but he stole each scene.

I would like to see what director/lead Amir Mo would do with more money because you could tell it was made for cheap. Available on iTunes, Google Play, Youtube, Amazon, Xbox, vudu and VOD April 28th.

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